Frank Kern – One Of The Marketing Legends

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Frank Kern is one of the marketing legends of the Internet. He has been involved in Internet marketing for over a decade and has, in that relatively short amount of time, been able to make for himself a substantial income while working comfortable thirty and forty-hour weeks. His record of experience in the business world has been one of success. Kern is the progenitor of a number of companies online which specialize in direct response Internet marketing and Internet advertising consulting. He’s also a world-class copywriter, for what it’s worth.

Kern is likely the highest paid direct response Internet marketing consultant and copywriter in the entire world. He has now retired from public offering of his services and only works for private, high net worth, individuals and companies. His average experience with these private clients yields over $5.3 million in sales by utilizing his custom Internet marketing campaigns. Celebrities and authors alike use Frank Kern for their Internet marketing needs—including big names like Anthony Robbins, Neil Strauss, and Jordan Belfort.

He is also a noted philanthropist, having helped to raise well over six figures for charitable causes over the years. This includes co-founding Paid For Life, an organization that has raised over $200,000 for the Just Like My Child Foundation, which provides food, shelter, and medicine to Ugandan children.

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